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I don't know how to put into words just how difficult it is to build a powerchair capable of being this smooth at low speed while being able to wheelie this effortlessly and controllably.  A LOT of factors have to be just right - weight distribution, center of gravity, programming, motor compensation, gearing, etc.  It's easy to make one wheelie.  Not so easy to make one do it while still performing well in other areas.  This is quite an achievement. 

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Wheelies are not just for fun.  They are necessary to navigate most places.  This video is quite a bit of an extreme example, but wheelies are very useful in normal day to day activities.  What if you are in town and some jerk is parked in front of the curb cutout?  If there is not another cutout you are stuck in the street.  Many places have a step to get into them.  Can't wheelie?  Then you can't enter without lots of ASSistance. 

So, what do you do when it's 100+ degrees F outside and the yard needs mowing?  You sit inside by the ac and mow of course!  This is my 60 inch 14.5 horse power mower meant to be towed behind an ATV or tractor.  The chair doesn't even know it's there.  According to the manual it weighs 350 pounds dry.  FYI - This is a finishing mower not meant for stuff this tall.

13.5 mph does not sound fast.... That is until you're doing it on motorized recliner across a bumpy cow field!  The hill in this video is entirely too steep and sandy for safety in a powerchair, or even an ATV for that matter.  The center of gravity being far enough rearward to keep the front casters from digging in is the only thing stopping her from getting stuck in the sand at the bottom.  Common sense is used to keep from ending up in turtle mode on my back going up. 

The polished aluminum thing in the bottom left corner is the bearing cap.  The camera is fixed to the seat pan.  This shows just how well the suspension works in use.  Definitely not a gimmick just to add $$$$ like on a manufactured powerchair.

Only the big black mouth curr in the beginning is mine.  That's WyleE.  Every dog in the neighborhood follows me.

How I'm recording these videos.  One day I'll break down and buy a suitable camera for this, something such as a GoPro Hero or Sony Action Cam.  Yes, that is my rather expensive Canon 70D hanging upside down on a homemade bracket.  Use what you've got!  I'm sure the warranty would cover it.

I have not been able to access this area in years.  This chair has no problems getting around.  Much of this area is often under water.

Those poor front casters take a beating!  You can see why I used the massive bearings and axle!

The beach?  Yes, it can even go on the beach!  Feel free to try in a typical powerchair.  

A little offroading fun.  And no, the caster fork is not bent.  That's the distortion from the lens.

At least I'm not hard on it......

I'm usually in it doing this.  A creek runs right along that tree line.  There's some soft spots near the edge.  I didn't want to get stuck or go swimming!  I cleared off several acres of this that day and still didn't need to charge the battery.

More to come soon as I get time to build on this page!

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