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Making the Parts

Front Suspension Mounts

What most of the parts started out as.

Yes, that's me.

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Flipped over and machined for a 1.625" roller bearing.  There is one in each side.

Now to make it square on one side so that it doesn't hang below the bottom of the frame.  I don't own a milling machine.  Herein lies the beauty of a lathe's 4 jaw chuck.  They can be time consuming to center round work repeatedly, but when you need to do something like this that independent 4 jaw is irreplaceable.


Short video machining the suspension mounts

I forgot to take pictures of machining the O ring groove and bolt pattern, but here it is during mock assembly.  An R sized O ring fits in the groove on the face to further protect the bearings and axle.  Everything was polished before final assembly to remove the tooling marks.

Rear wheel mounts were basically machined the same way.  The only differences are that they are a bit longer, machined from steel shaft material, have an external R sized O ring, and use one 1.625" roller bearing on the inside and a 1" id needle bearing on the outside.  Oh, and they're powdercoated.  These pictures are after mock assembly and have plenty of Anti Seize compound smeared everywhere.  A Torrington needle bearing also fits on the face.

Front suspension axle shafts.  Ever drilled a 5/16" hole through the entire length of a 4.5" long piece of 3/4" diameter 4140 chromoly steel?  No?  You should.  Nothing special to see, but my tired shoulder would be sad if I didn't share at least one picture.

Rear axle.  1" solid piece of 4140 chromoly steel.  Shouldn't break.

Ignore the Anti Seize smeared everywhere.

Rear Sprocket Mounts

That's a big ole hunk of 6061-t6 aluminum


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